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About Us

I was sitting at a Chinese restaurant one Sunday night, waiting for my Moo Goo Gai Pan and reading the Chinese Zodiac placemat that served as my table setting. You know - "Year Of The Dragon" and "Year Of The Ox" – the kitschy red and gold placemat with a few sentences describing the personal characteristics of each specific animal sign.

And I thought to myself - being the good rabbi’s son that I am - "Jews love Chinese food. Why isn't there a Jewish Zodiac?" But what would a Jewish Zodiac be? It wouldn't be 'Year Of The Dragon' or 'Year Of The Ox,' it would be 'Year Of The Bagel' and 'Year Of The Lox.' It would be deli food!

And thus "The Jewish Zodiac" was born.

Being a comedy writer, I started creating the personality type for each deli food symbol, and all I can say is... I was divinely inspired. Between the inspiration from above and the enthusiastic response from mere mortals down below, I soon found myself hiring a food stylist, photographer and graphic artists to create the laminated placemat and the retro designs for the t-shirts, coffee cups and kitchen magnets.

Is The Jewish Zodiac for real? No, it's for fun! So have a laugh and enjoy. And remember, you don't have to be Jewish to believe in The Jewish Zodiac.

Who Created The Jewish Zodiac?

The Jewish Zodiac was created and is owned by Seth Front, who conceived the idea and wrote all the text for the symbols.  A screenwriter and graduate of U.S.C. Film School, Seth wrote the buddy comedy “Nickel and Dime” starring Wallace Shawn and C. Thomas Howell, as well as other scripts which have been optioned by Hollywood production companies.  He enjoys serving as both writer and producer on this project. 

To contact Seth, email him at

Who Created The “50s Retro” Designs?

The “50s Retro” designs were created by Michael Doret, who grew up in Brooklyn in the 1950s and 60s and drew upon images and memories from his own childhood in the creation of the logos. 

A master of letterform and logo design, among his many accomplishments Michael has illustrated six covers for Time Magazine and includes among his clients the NBA, MLB, Disney and Nike.  To learn more about Michael, visit his website.

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